Robert Waters


My practice explores our ongoing evolution and the conditions of being human in post-industrial society. Focusing on biological limitation and our desire as humans for transcendence, my artworks concentrate on the human body as it relates physically and cognitively to ideas of control and freedom. To facilitate this investigation, my projects incorporate a range of materials and methodologies that demonstrate our conflicted yet inevitable connection with nature.

As my practice centers on the physical human body in relation to thought and action, my artworks in turn emphasize a connection of formal and conceptual relationships by incorporating common, ephemeral materials that specifically reference their visual content or thematic context. In addition to using materials with known connotations, the alteration of appropriated objects and images is a common aspect of my methodology.

While the malleability of materials and meaning informs the creation of my art objects, I am also interested in the transformation of people through art. Recently I have been working with specific demographic groups to create social art projects that explore subjective experience and ontogenetic development, where personal growth and transformation are used to demonstrate individual difference and promote tolerance and social equality. In presenting the human body and art as sources of political action I aim to provoke a questioning of self-knowledge and social control, with the aim of finding and demonstrating possibilities for emancipation.