Otino Corsano


For some time I have been focusing on how different media can become cinematic within the hybrid scope of new genre art production. I have attempted to create films from paintings, drawings, photography, through social media and combinations thereof. Regardless of construction, it is now clearer to me I definitely make a certain type of film. They involve the everyday and how brief segments of our lives can contain infinitely rich content. I believe my ‘films’ are about freezing these moments for further reflection so we can endlessly mine our memories for greater meaning.


Still verses motion.


The Deleuzian notion of a film still containing – not merely a sliver – but rather the entire film within its frame was a pivotal concept for the development of my work. It inspired me to take responsibility for the context of my artwork along with its content. While I have never drawn directly from my personal life, I am invested in the way film can so eerily and accurately simulate our local settings and intimate experiences. This wavering between art and reality helps us heal, question and become more than we ever could within the restraints of the stark and predictable. I want my work to be about those brief times when life and art merge and become tangled – when we must grapple with our visual experiences to consider how they enhance our notions of the ‘Real’.


Go pro live.


I am fortunate to collaborate with many incredibly talented, creative people who have helped me produce some of my recent artwork. I would especially like to thank director Caroline Ryan for her meticulous art direction and cinematography skills – so finely tuned cinematic details are continually revealed over time to become more fully appreciated for their aesthetic accuracy. Thanks also to Paul Weeks who has been as equally a trusted director as well as a best friend. I am honored accomplished director Peter Darley Miller agreed to produce a video with the help of editor Ting Poo for my current exhibition. Finally, I am so fortunate to have composer John Mark Sherlock as a close friend whose generosity is as astonishing as the asymmetrical rhythms of his elucidating arrangements.


- Otino Corsano, 2011