Linda Martinello


My work is equally indebted to the long trajectory of landscape art as it is to the fictitious and real histories of places that have inspired it. The drawings, paintings and wall-works I create are composites of observations and memory based on geographic and geological details encountered in travels. The travel in my work is focused on my own history and the larger histories of the landscape space. Chosen details of the landscapes are recreated in my work as an attempt to create focal points. As cues, they serve to pull the viewer into recognizable and tempting shapes reminding them of stairways, caves, lakes, that they themselves might have seen somewhere; shifts of the familiar and unfamiliar. These embodied signs of familiarity, however, never quite come into focus to resolve as a whole, always staying outside the reach of the recognizable. In a somewhat obscure sense of place, these spaces present personal and intimate positions towards identity, history and myth, pointing to a disconnect between ‘objective’ knowledge and subjective work of one’s memory.