Jessica Thompson


My practice involves the production of interactive artworks that create social situations in public space through sound, performance and wearable media. My projects range from mobile sound pieces that generate sound using the body to networked performances and site-specific interventions. Drawing from traditions of body art as well as theories of phenomenology and human/computer interaction, my artworks use sound to create reciprocal dialogues between body, artwork and site through exploratory gesture, embodied interaction, improvised choreography and play.

My artistic research explores how the creative mis-use of ordinary objects can create alternative modes of engagement, and how embedded technologies can facilitate performative situations that merge the affordances of objects with the expressive potential of the moving body. By enabling users to act through devices, rather than with them, it becomes possible to move beyond prescribed forms, and use artworks to facilitate actions, contexts and situations that were not possible with the body alone.

I am also interested in the ways that mobile and wearable artworks can shift the parameters of spatial practice from the body’s position within physical space to the liminal space articulated by the moving body. My work places users between territories, positioning the body as the primary site of reception. Exploratory gesture becomes a form of personal and spatial encoding, enabling users to extend the edges of the body into the site, creating intimate encounters with shared public spaces.