Anda Kubis


My work has always alluded to mediated imagery, i.e., imagery of indeterminate origins and meanings. In this current body of work I seek to further blur and confuse these boundaries by merging synthetic brushstrokes with real, full-bodied, painterly mark making. The source of either is no longer readily apparent. The digital and handmade become symbiotic where the process of making shifts through various scales and the actual painting attempts to capture the luminosity of the screen (questions arise ­­ what is being emulated, pigments or pixel?). Employing strong colour ­ first to attract, then to slow ­ I want the eye to contemplate shifting perceptual relationships. I believe that attention is the most valuable human resource needing care and management today ­ my work is an aesthetic engagement acknowledging this; it offers a break from real world visual over-stimulation. Painting still has work to do ­ for me it is a vital means for understanding the fast paced culture that I am immersed in.