Anda Kubis


Born in Toronto, Anda Kubis studied at OCA, then moved on to complete a BFA at NSCAD and an MFA at York University in 1992.

Subscribing to the idea that attention is the most valuable human resource, needing care and management today, Anda uses colour to slow the eye with shifting perceptual relationships. Emerging from Modernist ideals her painting revels in equivocality. Anda’s works hover between: abstraction and representation; materiality and the ephemeral; ideas and emotion. She is committed to painting as a process of translation and meaningful expression.

Anda’s curatorial projects reflect upon the relevance of art practice in a fast paced, global culture.

Currently Anda is Chair of the Drawing and Painting program at OCAD University. Before teaching at OCAD U she taught at the University of Lethbridge and at York University. As a teacher and an administrator she is committed to a multi-focal vision – a healthy reverence toward history with a keen ability to see, interpret and adapt to change.