p|m Gallery is committed to exhibiting innovative, provocative Canadian and international art.

Founded in 2004 by Powell MacDougall, p|m Gallery continues to bring work by emerging and mid-career artists to the international arena through solid programming, exhibition exchanges, and participation in international art fairs. In its first year, the gallery was invited to participate in New Territoriesat ARCO Madrid – a curated selection of galleries from Canada organized by David Liss, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Over the last seven years p|m Gallery has taken its artists to Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Montreal, Chicago, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Powell MacDougall's interest in process-based art has led her to represent a diverse group whose remarkable work in painting, sculpture, photography, performance, video, installation, wall-dependent and new media sets them apart form their contemporaries. This sense of inventiveness often forms the basis of her art fair programming – a strategy that has paid off: the gallery has developed a reputation for pushing the boundaries of conventional art fair offerings.